Top 5 Website You Must Visit If You Are A Student

If you are a student who is wondering how to do my case study, assignment, or any other home work related things, or if you just want to acquire additional information and succeed in your academics, we have prepared a list of the top 5 websites to visit if you are a student.

  1. Insider Higher Education

This is an excellent resource for anybody in higher education, especially those searching for work. Admissions, Books, Technology, Career Advice, and Diversity are among the categories available.

  1. The Network for Learning

This blog is run by the New York Times. Their primary target audiences are teachers, students, and parents who wish to utilise the NYT’s content as inspiration for lesson plans.

  1. The Classroom 2.0

This site is all about using social media and web 2.0 into the classroom. It is more than simply a content destination; it also serves as a social network for educators who want to learn more and solve their case solutions by engaging with and receiving assistance from others.

  1. Edudemic

This site is focused about educational technologies. They provide subtle suggestions for integrating technology into the classroom.

  1. You Tube for Teachers

This is an online community where instructors may exchange instructional learning videos. For instructors at any school or even at home.