Home Improvement Tips 15 Ways to Keep Cost Down

Thinking about how you can keep the cost down while renovating your home? Well, a home renovation is likely to become the most expensive home project, where many people run out of the budget. There are some ways to stop the overspending unnecessarily, like careful planning and proper calculations.

It doesn’t matter you’re renovating your house completely, or just doing an extension or updating the exterior part. Here are budget-friendly ways for home improvements to increase your resale value.

  • Way 1: Decide your budget

The most essential part of the renovation is knowing your budget and sticking to it. Also, remember to add some funds for unexpected things like eating out while kitchen renovation is going on or something like to stay in a hotel for 2 to 3 days while flooring or painting work is going. Before starting the work research properly.

  • Way 2: Go with Contractor

Even if you’re a DIYer, it is recommended to go with a contractor when you need something big or complex. But how will you know that you got the best deal? For that, ask your friends and relatives to recommend a contractor.

  • Way 3: Obtain permits

The most important part of a renovation is a building permit. You can even need to get permission from a homeowner’s association. Without permission, you may not be allowed to rebuild or make the changes you want, before beginning permission is necessary.

  • Way 4: Be a smart packer

Hiring skip bins isn’t cheap, so utilise every square inch of it by strategically placing the debris in the container instead of tossing it in willy-nilly. Longboards always run the length of the container. For example, place the sink open side up so you can put some stuff instead f creating a void.

  • Way 5: Add natural lights without window

Before cutting the big hole for window, rearrange the frame and consider the less inexpensive ways of capturing light. For example, you can cut down a small hole in your roof to let natural light enter in your rooms. But if it leads to moisture problems, it is not installed correctly.

  • Way 6: Upcycling

Even if you’re focused on one room, it can cost you a pretty penny to get everything replaced. But as long as it’s still functional, there is no need to replace everything.

  • Way 7: Watch your ceiling

You may not look up at it very often. But things like blistering or peeling of paint, sagging or staining on the interior roof are signs that your ceiling requires renovation or repair. These can be the red flag to call a roofer and get it done.

  • Way 8: Colouring cabinet

Don’t just throw away your old cabinets, instead of that repaint it and save certain penny. You can consider pasting some wallpapers if you don’t want to repaint them. Else you can also remove their doors and give it a touch of open shelves.

  • Way 9: Create a makeshift kitchen

If you also renovating your kitchen, set up a temporary kitchen before starting on the project and save big bucks on outside eating. Move old big cabinets to your basement or garage where you can set up your kitchen and put plywood on it for keeping stove. If the weather is warm, you can consider grilling or use a camp stove.

  • Way 10: Set up a temporary bathroom

Ask your contractor to put a temporary bathroom in the basement. Put the drain connection directly to the utility tub floor drain. Or else you can also rent a portable bathroom or restroom like the one used at concerts or events. Yes, it can cause you some money but it is worth doing it.

  • Way 11: Arrange backyard camp out

If weather supports, you avoid spending the night at the hotel and arrange camp in your backyard. Also, make a fire pit which you can use for years to come.

  • Way 12: Go for simple transformation

The best way to save money and remain on a budget is to opt for lookalike materials and fixtures. That doesn’t mean you need to go cheap, but instead of that look for a less expensive. You can also go for the faucet in the middle price range if you’re remodeling a powder room.

  • Way 13: Avoid toss of toilet

Don’t think that if you’re renovating the bathroom, then you need to replace the toilet. If the toilet tank or bowl is in good condition but the water keeps running, you can replace the internal parts.

  • Way 14: Avoid moving to plumb

Instead of moving the plumbing pipes, keep your current plumbing where it is. Try using existing soil pipes where possible. Moving drains or making new sewer connection is expensive. So, the existing soil pipe can be cheaper to use than creating a new connection.

  • Way 15: Manage your time

Agree on a workable timescale with your contractor and have regular meetings. While hiring doesn’t afraid of asking a lot of questions or query things you don’t understand. Ensure you take a proper decision because your contractor won’t like waiting and you could cost yourself time and money.


No one can say what their homes mean to them, there is no need to spend big bucks on useless and expensive things. Instead of that hunt for bargains, improving your decorating skills and adding a personal touch can all make a difference to the place you call home. You can also use the above-mentioned ways for keeping the cost down.