Community transmission suspected as UK Omicron cases detected

Some of the cases are allowed to have no given trip history, suggesting they could have been transmitted within the country.

Scotland’s deputy first minister John Swinney told the BBC”We obviously have some trip history on some of the cases, I do not have all of that detail available to me at this stage, but on some of the cases we’re apprehensive that there’s no trip history involved.”
He added”What that tells us is that there must be a degree of community transmission of this particular strain of the contagion in the absence of a direct trip connection for some of the cases in the southern African area.
” So that obviously opens up further challenges for us in terms of interposing the spread of this particular strain of the contagion and that will be the focus of the contact tracing operation that’s underway formerly.”
Meanwhile, a case in Brentwood, Essex, which was blazoned on Saturday, has been linked to Larchwood Primary School.
Specialist testing is being made available for all pupils and academy staff. One class will be held ever.

In a statement with Essex County Council, the academy said these were” preventative” measures.
Reflecting on the situation in Scotland, health clerk Humza Yousaf said”This will be a worrying time for the six people now linked as having the new variant.

“All will admit expert help and support and Public Health Scotland will shoulder enhanced contact tracing in all cases.
“This will help establish the origin of the contagion and any farther individualities they’ve come into contact with in recent weeks.”

He said there’s” still important to learn”about the Omicron variant, with questions remaining about its inflexibility, transmissibility and response to treatments or vaccines.
Mr Yousaf said scientists are working”at pace”to give fresh information.

“Until further is known we must be conservative and do everything we can to minimise the threat of spreading infection,”he said.
He said the Scottish government has formerly taken way to attack the Omicron variant by espousing the UK government’s new border restrictions which will bear completely vaccinated advents to take a PCR test within two days of appearance and tone- insulate until a negative result is entered.

He said these measures will be introduced as soon as possible and kept under constant review.
“We reserve the right to go further if necessary,”he added.