Austria to re-impose full national lockdown with Germany on brink of following suit

Austria will come the first country in western Europe to introduce full Covid lockdown measures from Monday, with unnecessary shops set to close and people ordered to work from home Austria will go back into a full Covid lockdown from Monday, the government has blazoned-with Germany believed to be on the point of following suit will come the first country in western Europe to introduce measures, with unnecessary shops set to close and Austrians ordered to work from home.

People will be fairly needed to be double jabbed by February 1, Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg told a televised news conference moment.
The restrictions will be in force until December, but will be reassessed after 10 days, authorities said.

Meanwhile authorities have sounded the alarm bells in Germany, where the infection rate is only slightly below that of the UK.
German health minister Jens Spahn, responding to Austria’s advertisement, said his country is gripped in a” public exigency”, with rising cases sparking alarm Around two-thirds of Austria’s population is completely vaccinated against coronavirus, one of the smallest rates in western Europe.

Its infections are among the loftiest on the mainland, with a seven- day prevalence of 991 per people.
Asked if Germany could rule out an Austrian- style full lockdown, Mr Spahn said”We’re now in a situation- indeed if this produces a news alert- locality we can not rule anything out.

“We’re in a public exigency.”
Several governments have started to reimpose restrictions, ranging from Austria’s full lockdown, to a partial lockdown in the Netherlands, to restrictions on the unvaccinated in corridor of Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Hungary will meanwhile make supporter shots obligatory for all healthcare workers and bear mask wearing in utmost inner places from Saturday.

It comes amid warnings that the UK’s health system is under immense strain heading into downtime.

Moment Professor John Edmunds, a member of the Scientific Advisory Group for Extremities ( Savant), told BBC Radio 4’s the World at One programme”I suppose there is a threat because of waning impunity in aged individualities, and that is all grown-ups, not just the senior, that cases could really take off. He said the UK is ahead of other corridor of Europe-where the Covid-19 situation is worsening-due to the rollout of boosters and the position of infection, but advised over the length of pressure being heaped on the NHS
“It has been (under strain) for months and months, and that is not going to ease up any time soon because this veritably high position of infection that we’ve now and we have had for months is not going to decline significantly,”he added.

“We are going to have high situations of infection for numerous months, so I suppose the NHS will, unfortunately, be under significant strain-it may not get to breaking point, where we were close to ahead-but significant strain for a veritably long period of time is clearly on the cards.”