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2210, 2021

How Belarus is helping ‘tourists’ break into the EU

October 22nd, 2021|

How Belarus is helping ‘tourists’ break into the EU Belarus has been indicted of taking vengeance for EU warrants by offering settlers sightseer visas, and helping them across its border. The BBC has tracked one group trying to reach Germany. [...]

2010, 2021

North Korea claim test of new submarine-launched missile

October 20th, 2021|

North Korea claim test of a new submarine-launched missile North Korea has verified it successfully tested a new submarine- launched ballistic bullet on Tuesday. State news outlet KCNA said the bullet had" advanced control guidance technologies", which could make it [...]

1810, 2021

Econbrowser: Inverted yield curve edges closer

October 18th, 2021|

This one's for the Finance and Economics Professors among my readers. James Hamilton at Econbrowser is discussing how the an inverted yield curve yield curve is related to recessions (for those not familiar with the term, an inverted yield curve describes the [...]